Pinewood Derby Track Reservation System


Welcome to the Troop 999 pinewood derby online track reservation request system. Using this system you can request the use of our pinewood derby track for a specific date (see the reservation form at the bottom of this page).

This track is a fundraiser for the Scouts of Troop 999. We use this money to help offset the cost of summer camp, equipment, activities, etc.

Information about building your own electronic timer, including free software, schematics, and component source information is available on the web at

Rental Information

The rental price of $51 (due at the time of the race, make checks to "Troop 999") includes the following:

  • "Regulation" 32 foot pinewood derby track as described in the Cub Scout How-To Book
  • Transportation of the track to and from your event
  • Setup and take-down of the track
  • Operation of the track during your derby
  • Use of a food-grade electronic scale during the event
  • Computer timing of cars to better than 1/10,000 of a second
  • Overall race results printout at the end of the derby, sorted by fastest to slowest car
  • Individual race result sheets for each participant, showing place, time, and scale speed in each lane

The track requires an area of approximately 40 feet by 10 feet. Power must be available at one end of the space (the finish line). We will do outdoor events as long as there is a dry, hard, level surface for the track to sit on; power is available; and, of course, subject to weather.

We will need access to the race area approximately 45 minutes prior to the start time to setup. We will need approximately 30 minutes after the event to clean up. Please make sure your race area is reserved for these times and, in particular, that youth and adults are not planning to play basketball, etc. while we are setting up or cleaning up.

Please read our pinewood derby rental information (requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view) for a suggested meeting schedule, sample race results & participant printouts, a car check-in sheet, and additional information.


The track is NOT available on the following days:

  • Sundays
  • Monday nights
  • Tuesdays (troop meeting night)
  • 2nd Thursday (roundtable)
In addition, you must schedule your event at least one week in advance.
Troop campouts are generally the last weekend of the month and the track is not available on Friday or Saturday during campouts.
Although Saturdays are generally shown as available for requests, we are frequently busy with other activities. You are welcome to request a Saturday but don't be surprised if it is declined because of conflicts with other activities.
Due to my work schedule requests with a start time prior to 7:00pm on weekdays will likely be declined.

NOTE: Due to a variety of factors we only accept requests for the Provo / Orem area (from Springville to Lindon). Requests for other cities will automatically be declined. Sorry for the inconvenience.

After decades of offering pinewood derby track rental we have decided to discontinue renting out the track. Therefore, no reservations will be accepted for dates after May 1, 2016. We are sorry for any inconvenience. You can see a list of other local tracks on the UNPC website.

Rental Request Form

Please fill in the form below to request the pinewood derby track. You should receive a response to your request within 48 hours. If you do not receive a response you can email me.
Name John Doe
Phone 801-555-1212
Unit or Group Pack 123
Event Date mm/dd/yyyy: 2/8/1913
Event Start Time 7:00 pm
Event End Time 8:30 pm
Event Address 123 Main St.
City Requests for other cities will be declined.
Notes Alternate dates, etc.
By submitting your request,
you indicate that you have read the
pinewood derby rental information.

Track Calendar

December 2016 

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Unavailable - the track is unavailable on this date
Pending - there are requests pending for this date
Request - we are accepting requests for this date

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